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Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

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  • Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

    Is there something in the VIN of a Cavalier that identifies it as a bi-fuel Cavalier?


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    Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

    No there is not


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      Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

      Actually, there is. The later ones, 2000(?)-2004, all have a VIN that starts with 3G... rather than 1G...


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        Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

        A lot of Cavaliers start with a 3 instead of a 1. The 3 signifies the GM assembly plant in Mexico where the CNG Cavaliers were built---Looking for the 3 will eliminate a number of cars, but doesn't insure it is a CNG.


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          Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

          I don't know what portion of the VIN it is in but I have registered 2 Cavalier's (2001 & 2004) and both tomws the person at Motor Vehicle identitifed them as CNG vehicles after keying in the VIN in the Utah Motor Vehicle on-line system.


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            Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

            See the link below:

            You can click on the year of the vehicle and it will show the VIN identification codes. For a car, there is no specific VIN character for a CNG vehicle. Unless it is the 8th character in the VIN under engine option.
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              Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

              In addition you can look in the trunk for the GM SPID Label for these codes.

              KL5 Engine Modification, Natural Gas
              KL6 Provisions for Natural Gas
              KL7 CONVERSION, LP GAS

              On most GM cars the label in on the inside trunk lid. I have found on the cavaliers it was placed on the inside of the spare tire cover?? Also all the bi-fuel Cavaliers I have sold had the KL6 code only.
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                Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

                Considering a Cavalier, would anyone like to share their experiences in general compared to other vehicles (civic)? I like the Bi-Fuel capabilities but have owned hondas for years.

                Let me know if there is a better forum for this query.


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                  Re: Bi-Fuel Cavalier VIN

                  Look here or start a new thread to get more eyes. Replying to an existing thread only gets the attention of those who are subscribed to it.

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