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GM 7 passenger CNG mini van

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  • GM 7 passenger CNG mini van

    So here is a link to a site hawking GM's CNG vehicles in Europe (specifically Belgium in this case- there were no english speaking sites that offered the CNG -I guess the Brits are not up to speed on CNG) I could not find specs on the range but the diagrams of the van show four tanks that are as long as the frame is wide. Me thinks that must be well over 10 gge's. I grew up in Belgium. How fun would that be to go buy one there and bring it back here? Do they build them here in the states? or over there? What a bummer that they are not selling any of them here.

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    Re: GM 7 passenger CNG mini van

    Thanks for the link. The cutaway shows the van to be a bi-fuel. There is a fuel filler hose going from the side of the vehicle, between the last two CNG tanks to a gasoline tank located between the four CNG tanks. I didn't think there was any future for bi-fuel.


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      Re: GM 7 passenger CNG mini van

      I want one too if you go, let me know, I'll go too!!
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