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Chevy Express Van problems/solutions

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  • Chevy Express Van problems/solutions

    My 2001 Chevy Express was sold to me at auction without a spare tire (CNG tanks were in the spot where the spare would normally be) and without a jack (the storage place for that just inside the rear doors on the right is perfectly intact and empty....). Any Express drivers have a solution to where to store a tire?

    And then there is the question of a hitch. There are stickers around the CNG tanks that say 'don't put a hitch on this car'. Anyone know why? Anyone put a hitch on such a van?

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    Re: Chevy Express Van problems/solutions

    The rear hitch would interfere with the mounting of the CNG tanks in their current location (behind the rear axle and rear bumper). My spare tire is stored inside the vehicle behind the rear seat. I have seen some get a thinner spare and hide it under the rear seat.


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      Re: Chevy Express Van problems/solutions

      My tanks are mounted between the two sides of the frame and the hitch would go on the frame. All of the surfaces that the hitch would go on are free and clear of CNG equipment and it seems to me that adding some steel around the tanks and especially around the rear end would be a huge plus safety wise. I'm kind of surprised that hitches are not standard equipment as they add so much stiffness and structure to the rear end of a car and would help surround the tanks with really tough stuff.


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        Re: Chevy Express Van problems/solutions

        Matt, I see no problem with a hitch if things are as you say. The only reason I could see would be with reduced weight the vehicle could carry because of the CNG tanks. Also the weight the vehicle could tow would also be reduced. Check the Gross Combined Weight Rating (CGWR) and subract the weight of the loaded vehicle to find how much could tow and to determine the hitch capacity.