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2000 chev with check CNG light 6.0L Help!!!!

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  • 2000 chev with check CNG light 6.0L Help!!!!

    I just put a deposit on a truck suburban with a CNG kit in Arazona. I was going down to get it tomarow. Does anyone know how expensive it can be to fix? Best case worst case. Is their a good place to take it in Utah? Please help I am leaving at 4:00 am tomarow!!!!

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    Re: 2000 chev with check CNG light 6.0L Help!!!!

    I don't even understand this post. What is the "Check CNG light"? There are three possibilities which come to mind:
    1) The "Check Gauges" light.
    2) The "Check Engine" light.
    3) The small red light on the "fuel" switch.

    Does one of these describe your problem?

    If the "Check Gauges" light is on, it just means that you are almost out of fuel (whichever fuel the engine is currently using) You can press the "fuel" switch how much fuel you have in your other tank.

    If the switch light is on it just means that you are running on gasoline, not CNG. If your car always runs on gasoline, and will never start on CNG (e.g. the light is always on) the reasons can range from very simple (a missing fuse) to very complex issues within the CNG system itself (pressure regulators, fuel mixtures etc).

    If the "Check Engine" light is on, then this could be either CNG related, or entirely unrelated to CNG. The first step is to get an OBDII reader and read the codes (readers can be purchased for relatively cheap, or you can just go to your local AutoZone and have someone read the codes for you)

    Start with these steps, and then post what you find out.

    * I am assuming this is a Chevy factory CNG install. If this is an aftermarket or non-EPA compliant conversion then who knows what you are looking at.
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      Re: 2000 chev with check CNG light 6.0L Help!!!!


      I think this 2000 chev has an aftermarket kit installed on it. I don't think it's an OEM.
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        Re: 2000 chev with check CNG light 6.0L Help!!!!

        There were no SUV's factory converted, so it's a aftermarket kit. Must be an ECO kit. They have a FMS box in the cab that controls the fuel selection. On that same box is the CNG service light which is usually set uff by an inop reg or inop servo. There are no more Tartarini regs to replace it with anymore and the servo will run you $100 or so.

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