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G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

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  • G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

    This may be of interest to some,but it also might be in a post some where. The lamp on the switch will only light when you run on gasoline,but if the lamp is burned out like mine you must keep track of what fuel you are burning.Thats fine as long as YOU are the driver,if the family shares the unit then they don't know what your burning. Yes replace the switch, "not for $57.00 I won't" thats just the cost of the switch,(yes I would have installed it myself) a $2.69 12-V led from Radio Shack with a simple install dose the trick you can also install one to show your on CNG also which I am going to do. I will post the wiring of it next week.....

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    Re: G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

    wow, good word. I was just going to look into this. I have the same burned out bulb problem. Looking forward to your next post.


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      Re: G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

      I too am looking forward to your next post. My brother's Chevy 3000 bi-fuel truck is missing the switch/light altogether. Be sure you indicate wire colors though, because I think he may have some extras in there....


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        Re: G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

        OK sparky hears the deal,I will go out on a limb and assume GM and Impco have not change the colors of the wires.This application is for the old style Chevys 88 to 98. My truck is a 00 old style.
        The plug is a 5 pin plug,they do not give you much room to pull it out. The bottom row 2 wires red and brown.When I plugged in the led lamp here it glowed dim and switched the fuel gauge from the CNG level to the gasoline level.Top row gray, black, and purple. Plug the lamp into the black and purple and this tells you your running on gasoline,plug into black and gray your on CNG. I hope this helps out.


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          Re: G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

          OK great. I really appreciate that. I guess there aren't any "extra" wires there after all.



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            Re: G.M. switch lamp (it works) IMPCO system

            I purchased a 97 Chev C/K 2500 pick-up recently and as I was driving home it ran out of CNG and I noticed that when the fuel switched to gasoline the light on the dash switch didn't light up.
            I remembered reading this thread from a while back, so I tracked it down to try and get an idea on how to make the repair with out spending $60.
            I unplugged the switch from the wiring harness and carfully disassembled it. I bought a Micro lamp pack from Radio Shack Part No. 7219 12V, 60ma, 2 to a pack for $1.70. I removed the burned out lamp and soldered in one of the new ones, then reassembled the switch and installed it. I have been running for a week now and it works like new.