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    This is related to the tax credit, but I thought that my question could better be answered by those who own a chevy.

    I have all of the paper work filled out for the tax credit, except for the documentation that proves that the factory installed my CNG system. I have contacted CHEVY via email and they have informed me that my vehicle had the CNG system installed by the factory, but that they can not send me this documentation. They referred me to the local dealership and they wanted to charge me $50 to verify this. So I told them that I have already contacted CHEVY and they have verified that my CNG system was installed by the factory, so the service department gave me a number to call. I have clled this number 6 times and left 6 messages and still have not heard back.

    Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to pay the $50 for a dealership mechanic to look at it?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Re: Chevy Documentation

    Isn't 'bi-fuel' indicated by a digit of the VIN? I would get a copy of the VIN breakdown and show them that your VIN shows that it was factory installed.
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      Re: Chevy Documentation

      You could also just take it to your mechanic and have him write and sign a paper that says it is bi-fuel...that's what I did for both my vehicles.


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        Re: Chevy Documentation

        There is nothing in the VIN to let you know if the Cavalier is bi-fuel or not . The VIN just references a 2.2 litre engine (or 2.4 on the newer models). One tipoff is that the bulk if not all bi-fuel Cavaliers were built in Mexico. Therefore the VIN starts off with a "3" instead of a "1" for a US built car. This doesn't solve your problem because other gasoline only cars were built in Mexico. I would assume the fifty bucks gets you a window sticker or build sheet.