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1998 Cavalier fill connection leak

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  • 1998 Cavalier fill connection leak

    After I fill up with CNG I can hear the sound of gas excaping out of the fill connection point. What do I need to do to fix my leak?

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    Re: 1998 Cavalier fill connection leak

    This has been mentioned in a few posts. It is most likely a problem with the O-ring. Look at the last few posts by JGW50 on this thread ,titled "Cavalier Venting From Rear", he gives detailed instructions on how he fixed it himself.

    I had a similar problem on two different occasions in my 2001 cavalier during wet weather. After fueling, there appeared to be slight ice build-up in the fuel receptacle and it failed to close completely allowing lots of gas to vent. Once, I just re-attached the filling valve, and then when I removed it it was fine. The other time it just stopped on its own.


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      Re: 1998 Cavalier fill connection leak

      You said it's leaking 'after filling.' I assume that means after you remove the nozzle. The filler probably has some dirt preventing a complete seal of the check valve. I don't know if it can be cleaned, so don't be surprised if they recommend buying a new one.
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