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Chevy Cavalier 2000 04008 Air Cleaner Cover

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  • Chevy Cavalier 2000 04008 Air Cleaner Cover

    What does this policy mean and about how much is it going to cost me to fix?

    2000 Chevy Cavalier 04008 Air Cleaner Cover

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Chevy Cavalier 2000 04008 Air Cleaner Cover

    The policy has to do with people who complained about backfires damaging the air cleaner cover. The cover installed under the "policy" includes two pressure relief valves to lower the pressure inside the airbox when a backfire occurs. As an owner of a car with this modification, I can assure you this doesn't solve the problem. In addition, the relief valves hit the hood and the installer used a hammer to get the necessary clearance Keeping the plug wires in good condition, never touching the accelerator when cranking and continuing to crank until you are sure the engine is running has eliminated backfires on both of my cars. Also, I keep a pile of air cleaner covers around just in case. (only a couple of bucks from your local friendly you-pull-it junkyard)