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Adding a Second Tank to 2002 Cavalier

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  • Adding a Second Tank to 2002 Cavalier

    I need help with all of the specifics and research on adding a second CNG tank to the trunk of my 2002 Chevy Cavalier Bi-Fuel. I get about 115 mile range currently and need about 185 mile range for my work commute to the airport. Is it possible, economical, and not incredibly difficult to buy a used 3600psi tank and mount it in the trunk to double the capacity. Any and all specifics will be greatly appreciated. I can post pics after I complete the mod to help others. I live in Southern California.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Adding a Second Tank to 2002 Cavalier

    You should be getting about 160 miles on CNG and then switching to gasoline. At 115 something is probably wrong. In my 2003 there just isn't room in the trunk for a 2nd tank of any significant size.
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      Has anyone added a 2nd tank to a Cavalier?

      I think my low range is due to a Pressure Regulator Sensor problem. . . I am working on that. If I move the small spare tire over to the side of the trunk or get crative and mount the tire below the caror on top of the trunk with cover, then I will have room for a second tank. The tank will probably have to be slightly smaller than the original tank capacity, but anything extra will help.

      Keep the info coming . . . Has anyone added a 2nd tank to a Cavalier?


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        Re: Adding a Second Tank to 2002 Cavalier


        I talked with CNG Motors about the extra tank in the Cavalier on their website. They only want to do installs/modifications if you buy a vehicle from them. I am working on some other avenues. . . Thanks for the response.


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          Re: Adding a Second Tank to 2002 Cavalier

          Yes, I have been involved with 2nd cng tank being added to bi-fuel Cavalier.

          Tulsa Gas Tech in Tulsa, OK added an extra 4 gge tank to trunk of my friend's 2003 bi-fuel Cavalier. Now he has about 10 gge total capacity but normally gets 8 gge at fast fills in OK (pressure not so great at his public cng site).

          You give up nearly all the trunk, so spare might have to go in interior of car. However, you should easily get 200 or more miles per tank, even with city driving by having the second tank. Another idea for spare is attach a rear hitch (like Hidden Hitch) and put cargo carrier back there with spare tire, cooler, etc.