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  • relay??

    in my 1991 chevy 1500 there is an optional relay area under the hood and since my CNG has stopped running i wonder if this is it if anyone out there knows what a TRW relay with the numbers 14089936 on top along with ZZ7424 below it and 1123a on the front side is under the hood for please right in with any help. gas is too expensive to not run on CNG.

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    Re: relay??

    The best way to see if a relay is working or not, is to swap it out for another that matches under your hood, and see if it starts working or not. While I don't know what that particular relay is used for, that would be your best bet.

    I would think you would have another problem though, whats your system doing and not doing?


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      Re: relay??

      Originally posted by Uraijit View Post
      I don't know that that's the "best way", considering that you'll probably mess something else up by removing the other relay.

      The BEST way, is to actually test the relay.
      Maybe I should rephrase it, and say the easiest way. Its not like he would "mess something up".

      The point I'm getting at here, any parts store around here cannot "test" a relay. So if you want to test it, remove it and put in another relay from under your hood , and see if it starts working. Take the so called bad relay, and put it in where you took the other relay out. It will be obvious if your problem goes away and you've created another by switching them.

      Doing this takes about 30 seconds to do. Just make sure you switch relays THAT MATCH. While I have seen relays go bad in many different things, tractors, cars, etc.. its usually something else thats the underlying problem to begin with.

      You could just start throwing parts at it though, and just go buy another relay.


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        Re: relay??

        Originally posted by Uraijit View Post
        It's just as quick to use a multimeter...
        I do agree!

        Asumming that he or she knows how to use one.