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Oem problem on 2000 Chevy k2500

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  • Oem problem on 2000 Chevy k2500

    I just bought a CNG truck and I'm not familiar with any part of it. I drove it for the test drive and it was fine then on the way home it checked out 10 times until it locked out. I wish i would have known about the lemon law i would have returned it that night and got my money back. So the cng system had a new regulator put on it. it's an Eco kit so they had to use an aftermarket regulator on it and the mech. at snomotion in slc said that it might not work right. so anyway i've talked to a few people and they seem to think that an oem problem could be to blame. When i slow down really fast or take my foot off the gas really quick my check engine light comes on. I took it and got the code read and it is random multiple cylinder misfire. I changed the plugs and wires but it didn't fix the problem. I need to find out what the problem is so i can go have the software reset so i can see if my CNG works. Any body have any idea what could be wrong with the oem stuff?

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    Re: Oem problem on 2000 Chevy k2500

    I'd guess when you close throttle the vacuum shoots way up and draws too much fuel in?
    Bad diaphram in something?


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      Re: Oem problem on 2000 Chevy k2500

      The guy i bought it from had the new regulator put on it. It had wires still and i put decent plugs back in it. 5 bucks a piece. turned out being the same ones that were already in it. i took it to sno motion and they want to put a whole new system in it for 8 grand. I hav;t got the light to come back on for a while no matter what i do so i think i need to find a shop that can take the software lock off and try it again. Heard rumor of one in ogden utah. Anyone know of that one? let me know.