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Cav. Low Side Cut-Off Switch Diagnosis by Chevy

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  • Cav. Low Side Cut-Off Switch Diagnosis by Chevy

    My 2000 cavalier does not run on cng when it is supposed to. It internittently fails over to gasoline when there is plenty of cng fuel. I took it to the dealer and they "determined" that "the Low Side cut out is bad". They said the part was $1000. I wanted to see if I could buy it somewhere else, but the parts store couldn't place the part numbers they gave me "52369516" for the "valve" and 52369517 for the seal (o-ring, I think). I have a 2002 maintenance manual and I could not match their part number or description either. I think this is the low pressure lock out solenoid, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have experience with this? Can anyone recommend a good place to order factory or equivalent parts?