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2004 Chevy Cavalier Coalescing Filter Replacement

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  • 2004 Chevy Cavalier Coalescing Filter Replacement

    I am trying to replace the coalescing filter in my 2004 Cavalier. I've read through a lot of posts on here about people replacing the filter in other models, but not the Cavalier.
    I'm wondering if anyone knows:
    1. Where the filter is located, and
    2. If it's feasible to replace myself. It looks to me like on other models it was about the equivalent in difficulty to changing oil.
    I'm working on a budget so if there's any way I can avoid it, I'd rather not take it to a mechanic.
    Thank you!

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    After tracing the CNG fuel line as far as I could, I found the coalescing filter and drained it. I thought for future reference I better put something on here.
    The filter is located between the two rear wheels, a little towards the driver side. It's in a black cylinder with a plug on the bottom. That plug can be undone with a 1/4 in. allen wrench to drain the oil out. After that the black cylinder can be unscrewed with a wrench and the filter can be removed. I soaked the filter in isopropyl alcohol overnight to clean it.
    A word of caution: The presta valve under the hood does not depressurize the filter housing. It all came out slowly when I undid the drain plug. There's got to be a better way to do it which I have yet to figure out.
    Below are pictures of where the filter is located:

    I hope this helps.


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      Its been awhile but there is a way to depressurize the line. There is a (this is from memory) orange wire with a single connector on it located by the left side of the tank in the trunk. It may be tucked in around the cover. With the car running (or stopped) take the connector apart. This turns off power to the high pressure lockoff valve. If you watch the fuel gauge, it will rapidly fall to empty and the changeover to gasoline will occur. With the car stopped, start the engine and you will get the same result. There will still be 200 to 500 psi in the line but nothing like 3000+ that could be there.


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        Looks the same as my Impala.

        $20 Motorcraft filter.