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2013 silverado 2500 hd CNG a few questions

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  • 2013 silverado 2500 hd CNG a few questions

    I just bought a 13 silverado 2500 hd with CNG. The truck is great, i ran it on cng and it works good. My thing is im getting a u0109 code and a p069e code lost communication with fuel pump control module and fpcm request mil. My question is this. Im assuming the fuel pump module for gas is intergrated into the cng controller but im not sure is that true. Also is there a way to connect with a scan tool to the fuel system module. I have a snap on appolo scanner and it dosen't give me the option.. As of now the truck runs good on gas. The cng guage will flicker or go out completly or it will flash and orange light with 2 green lights. Shortly after that the check engine light comes on it seems like a power issue but i cant find any electrical schmatics for it.

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    I think you will find that the fuel pump module is a separate part located in left front of the engine compartment. The only option to scan the vehicle is with a GM scanner. The old Tech 2 with the last update that was done to the tool will read the 2013 Silverado CNG. They stopped writing PID's for it after the 2013 model year. A lot of independent shops still have the Tech 2 and that would be the cheapest way to see what is going on. My memory is getting a little bad but I think the truck you have uses a variable flow gasoline fuel pump that is controlled by the engine control unit. When running on CNG I think the module only fakes out the ECU to think the fuel pump is running and doing it's job when it is not. It's possible the module has failed and sending the ECU codes that the fake fuel pump isn't working correctly.