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$5000 tank replacement @ 46k miles and not covered by the powertrain warranty.

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  • $5000 tank replacement @ 46k miles and not covered by the powertrain warranty.

    So, the local dealership here in OKC is telling me the hi pressure cut off switch is bad and the tank will need to be replaced. Is it true, that is tank must be replaced? Any recourse against the manufacturer? I've had multiple CNG issues from day 1 with this vehicle.

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    Make, model, year . .


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      Let us know the make and model, as 300mile suggested but I think you are saying that the tank valve has failed (usually this fails closed)? I'm guessing you have a Chevy 2500 bi-fuel truck and these usually have the GFI valve at the neck. There is no need to replace the entire tank, just get the valve replaced. its about a $300 or so part, and the labor will set you back around 4 or so hours of shop time.

      Note that due to the high pressures involved this is a job for a trained technician! Oklahoma has a trained CNG technician requirement, so I suggest you call the state and get their listing, then find someone to do the job:

      They will need a special tool to vent the gas out of the tank:


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        Sorry, it's the 2015 Impala.


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          Had to replace the GFI electronic tank valve on my 2008 Honda GX a little while ago. I purchased the valve and some o-rings for about $400 and the labor to change it was around $300. If the tank is not expired (should not be if the car is a 2015) you should be able to get this done for around the same price. I'm in the Kansas City area and there are a lot more CNG vehicles and mechanics in OK.