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    I plan on buying a 2015 Impala in the next few weeks and would appreciate any feedback from the owners out there. I see a couple of ones for sale that have been branded with the lemon designation. Any feedback on the issues with the CNG systems or cars for sale outside of Autotrader ect would be appreciated.

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    Are you getting a US model or Canadian? (I thought these were only marketed in/for the US).
    If it is still under warranty, would a CNG authorized GM dealer be willing to fix it?
    Did GM declare it a lemon or a former owner, dealer or ? - I have not heard of such a thing.
    Possibly search around for a reputable CNG shop and inquire if they would be willing to tackle it.

    The warranty on my 2015 expires in December 2018.
    I have had no problems on the CNG system. The car runs fine in either gas or CNG mode.

    Look for any 2016 models also. Contact as they have had several of these cars in recent years (where I bought mine). Good luck!
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      The Carfax report showed the lemon declaration on the cars with multiple electronic service visits. I'm looking at cars stateside, most of them are in southern states with a few new vehicles also for sale. Past posts have stated they had some issues with the regulator and flash issues. Thanks for your input!


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        I have owned a 2015 Impala for a couple of years. I find it a very nice car for highway driving with a bladder busting range of more than 700 highway miles before exhausting both fuels. It still has a reasonably large trunk even with the CNG tank installation. Initially there was a problem with the car causing all kinds of weird things to happen---battery going dead, would not run on CNG, stalling, powering up for no reason, etc. Turned out after much diagnosis that the ECM calibration was corrupt. A re-flash solved the problem which has never returned. Highway mileage is in the low to mid 30's which isn't bad for a large car. Fuel transition from one to the other is seamless. Power is sufficient for most needs. The engine used is an older port fuel injection (not the current DFI) that offers less horsepower on either fuel then the standard Impala V-6. My only complaint is tire noise--which may be related to the tire chosen for the car. It still has the original Firestone's on it. People on the Impala forums think a change to a different brand improves this.

        My only fear about owning this car long term, and this applies to most CNG vehicles, is parts availability. This car was produced in such limited numbers that there will be few "donor" cars around for parts when the original new replacement parts sources dry up. I notice that many CNG specific parts are already no longer available from GM. When I used to drive Cavaliers, I had a wrecked donor car for parts--not really an option for the one Impala I currently have. That being said, this problem goes across the board for any CNG vehicle that you may buy. It is more than likely the Impalas are the last large, CNG car that will ever be "factory" produced. I have no regrets about buying or driving one. BTW--when I bought it I bought the GM bumper to bumper extended warranty good for 7 years and 84 thousand miles that puts the repair parts problem into GM's lap for the near future.


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          I can't say that I would recommend one at this point. Due to lack of production count and high maintenance cost, GM is recommending changing the spark plugs every 30000 miles. Mine is in the shop today for a fuel mode unavailable error and it's not the first time!. I live in OKC where CNG is pervilent and this is the 1st one the service coordinator had seen.


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            Does this have any effect on the vehicle running on regular fuel. I like the aspect of the Impala as to the use of MPI fuel system and the prospect to switch the factory CNG system ECM over to a aftermarket version.


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              Runs fine on regular fuel, but that might be its downfall. GM seems to be blowing me off right now. See my other post.


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                My son and I both have the cng impalas. We really like them. The economy is super, and they have a lot of power. We did have an issue with both of them with the hp regulator. Had to have both replaced. California emissions warranty is to cover cng components for 7years 70,000miles. I have another relative that has one, and he was told the tank had to be replaced. Don't know why it needed replaced, but it was covered under warranty. Some parts are a little slow, but them seem to come eventually. I did see where some were labeled lemons. I think it was in Wisconsin. Overall we are pleased with ours. I am Disapointed they quit making them.

                Good Luck,