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  • Re: New guy concerns

    I've also been looking for CNG repair manuals. I've tried this website to no advail
    Helm Incorporated's online bookstore provides factory authorized automotive & motorcycle technical publications: Ford, General Motors (GM), Honda Motors, Honda Motorcycle, Suzuki, KIA, Isuzu, Hyundai

    I might try and call them in the morning.

    I have and OEM Cavalier that I'd like a CNG service manual for. If anyone knows of a good website to order one please let me know!!!

    (Too bad about those Kasville guys, I was considering having them do a conversion for me.... I bet in a year or so they'll be much better.

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    Re: New guy concerns-Looking for OEM Cavalier manuals

    Keep an eye on EBay. Manuals pop up all the time. Search "CNG".


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      Re: New guy concerns

      If you have a 1998 through 2002 Cavalier, any year CNG manual that you find in that range should be helpful. 98's have a fuel shutoff valve that the newer cars do not have otherwise the systems are all the same. The only other thing is if you are using a scan tool, (Tech 2) the AF ECU can only be read on the 2000 or newer cars. 2003 and 2004 cars have a different engine (and therefore different component locations) and the CNG supplement for either year will work for these cars. There is also a GM training video on CNG systems that will give you a little overview on how the systems work if you are interested. You will find these also on e-bay.


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        Re: New guy concerns

        Contains Factory Authorized Service information written by General Motors. It contains Diagnostic Information and Procedures, Schematics and Routing Diagrams, Component Locator, Repair Instructions, Description and Operation, Specifications, and Special Tools and equipment. Service information on HVAC, Body & Accessories, Restraints, Steering, Suspension, Driveline/Axle, Brakes, Engine and Transmission/Transaxle.

        Note: GM Truck Owners, for model years 1996 and prior the service manual is available as a set (or kit) and also sold in sections (electrical & emissions, shop/service manual, unit repair/chassis manual). All three sections are needed for full coverage.

        You didnt look very hard
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          Re: New guy concerns

          Cool thanks for the input!