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Fuel filter location?

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  • Fuel filter location?

    i have been reading alot of your posts about CNG filters on your cars. my 91 Chevy has no filter that i can see and yet it is runnin like a striped ape after 250,000 miles. does this truck need a CNG filter or is it fine without it. if you think it needs one how should i put one on there.

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    Re: Fuel filter location?

    I'm sure it has one, but if your gas supply is clean and dry, it might never need to be replaced. Mine came out of my Civic GX clean after 100k miles.
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      Re: Fuel filter location?

      I have a '99 GX. Is the fuel filter (My manual suggests only one -- not two, as in later models) under the large cover, or the little one surrounding the cut-off valve?


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        Re: Fuel filter location?

        i've replaced mine several times in my 98 gx but i've never seen and dirt or contamination. i have had injectors die on me several times and they are expensive so i replace the filter