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Chevy Express Bi-Fuel Vehicles - How long are they lasting?

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  • Chevy Express Bi-Fuel Vehicles - How long are they lasting?

    I have a 2004 Chevy Express 3500 factory Bi-Fuel vehicle. I'm curious how long these vehicle are lasting for other people - i.e. how many miles are folks getting on them.

    A new engine was installed at 55,000 miles and was hoping to get at least 150,000 to 200,000 more miles on it. Right now, the engine is getting rebuilt at around 95,000 miles due to a bad valve.

    I had thought the CNG motors with hardened valves lasted longer than regular gasoline engines, but this does not appear to be the case, unless it is just a fluke and the valve was bad to begin with.

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    Re: Chevy Express Bi-Fuel Vehicles - How long are they lasting?

    I'm thinking it was a fluke bad valve. I have a 2003 Chevy Express Bi-Fuel 12 passenger . . same 6.0 engine as yours I assume. I bought it from Murphy (cngmotors) about 7 years ago with 60k miles and now it has 225k. Still runs perfectly. It has run on cng 95% of the time.


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      Re: Chevy Express Bi-Fuel Vehicles - How long are they lasting?

      Thanks CNGWorks. That helps a lot. I'd love to hear from some other folks as well.


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        Re: Chevy Express Bi-Fuel Vehicles - How long are they lasting?

        2004 2500 express 6.0 run as much CNG as possible. I use it in an HVAC business. Now has 145K.. Sadly one tank valve doesnt open.
        Every time I run it dry and it auto switches to gasoline I threaten to get some wd 40 in the hose, but have been too tired to do it. I read one person fixed his that way.

        One cat plugged up and knocked out the second, express VAN has 4 cats. Since the second on the same side is not monitored, we removed it.
        I only have a 3000 PSI compressor but get oh 80 miles or so..There are no public stations here in the Portland,OR area. The closest is 60 miles away at Salem the state capitol and its a gov station only open working hours 5 days a week. $1.25 GGE..LOVE IT!! here by my gas meter..

        I did just buy a 2004 GX so my fuelmaker is really busy!


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          I have a 2002 Chevy Express 3500 (15 passenger) that has about 125,000 miles. Run it about 30% on CNG since I will only fill up on CNG when I'm passing the CNG station. The only CNG problem was a chaffed CNG hose I replaced between between the regulator and the forward electronic shut-off. Other issue was - put in a racing distributor since the original seemed to have moisture issues and I was changing the distributor cap too often. Aside from that - tires, brakes, oil changes, and tune-ups.


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            2004 Bi..175,000 no mechanical problem.. had exhaust plugged cat converter.. stopped me dead.. I got my off a lot and didnt know anything about it. Well it just had one tank valve working. But I only do HVAC work around the Portland,OR area.
            So the 5 gallon does most days. So 1 day a week I may drive 30 miles on gasoline..There are no fueling stations here in the PDX metro area. One is now almost complete in Vancouver WA.. How lame OREGON is so far behind.. The Port of Portland has a huge CNG station for airport buses and other rigs, but wont open it to the public! I use a 3000 psi fuel maker I found on craigslist for 1000. Brgin.. Course the savings disapper now that gas is cheap.. As the compressor needs to be replaced
            very 2000 hours or so.. And thats not cheap.. So I had to adjust my thinking to Im saving the planet for my grandkids [while china and india are still pouring coal smoke into the air....
            Id like a passenger handle on the right/ A trailer hitch would be good too..Almost time for tires..Yes I should replace the defective tank valve.. But no one around here will attempt it!! .


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              Update on my 2003 Chevy bi-fuel express van...248k miles no and no issues. Runs great on both fuels. I use dry natural gas . . . at least -70 dew point ... which helps prevent issues, I'm sure. The body is rusting so I'm sure the moving parts will outlast the body.