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  • Impco Training Manual

    Thought you guys would love this...don't know if this would be better placed in one of the more general forums but since the cavalier uses Impco parts I'll put it here.

    This training manual gives theory of operation, very basic how to repair, and whether or not the part is field serviceable.

    It is located under the free downloads along with a couple of other useful links.

    Since the material is copyrighted I can't put the actual PDF's without getting permission first.
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    Re: Impco Training Manual


    I would like a copy of it. Let me see what I can do.
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      Re: Impco Training Manual

      Try clicking on the "Downloads" icon just below our top banner (below the Utah bumper sticker ad). I think this area of the site will allow for that size file. Once it is there we can place a link on this thread to it. If it doesn't upload please send me a PM and I will see what we can do. This will be a nice resource for everyone.