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  • Cavalier Reliability

    I'm looking to purchase a CNG Cavalier but am wondering if a few of you could tell me what to watch out for in looking at them. What is the long term reliability like, not just for the CNG but for the car in general. Obviously I'd like to buy a low miles car, but it looks like I'm going to have to settle for over 100k miles for the $ I can spend. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: Cavalier Reliability


    I have a 2001 Cavalier. The car itself is very reliable. I have not heard of any mechanical problems about the car (transmission, engine, axles, etc.). The CNG components are fairly reliable. If something were to break down it would be the following:

    High Pressure Regulator - These are located underneath the car by the drive side rear tire. I have found these for about $350 online. Most common sympton is the pressure relief device (PRD) will release gas from time to time (making a "pop", "pop" sound). Most people think to just replace the PRD, but the high pressure regulator needs to be changed.

    Low Pressure Regulator - This is located on top of the engine (round component). I have found this for about $120 online. Most common sympton is leaking diaphram inside the regulator. This causes the smell of natural gas in and around the car.

    Gas Mass Sensor - This is the located on top of the engine (rectangle component). I have found this for about $1800 at Young Chevrolet in Layton. Most common sympton is stalling of the vehicle while driving. Sometimes, this sensor can just be cleaned out and then it works fine.

    If the vehicle you are looking at runs fine, I would go ahead and purchase it. The beauty of the Cavalier CNG, is that the CNG components are not to complicated and easy to find replacements for.
    Mountain Green, Utah
    2003 CNG Cavalier
    2003 CNG Silverado 2500HD


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      Re: Cavalier Reliability

      Jared, Is that my problem? My cavalier pops when trying to fuel. My fuel maker shuts down after two pops. I'm new to this, I got a 2002 cav and a FQM2-36 and a 500 lb gas well. I just can't get it to take fuel. Help please, Thanks, Hooper


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        Re: Cavalier Reliability

        Sounds like something is plugged in the fueling port. The Cavalier fuel system has a lockout solenoid valve in the tank so that when the ignition is off, no fuel flows out of the tank. Therefore, nothing downstream from the tank should be receiving pressure from the tank. Is the fuelmaker shutting down with a normal "full" indication or is it showing some other code? Have you tried fueling from some other source (public fuel station or a different fuelmaker)? If fueling from your own well, do you have any type of dryer on the inlet to the fuelmaker? At a minimum, look into the fueling port with a flashlight and observe condition of the screen inside the opening. Make sure it is clean and not blocked with anything. If it is blocked, it needs to be cleaned. Beyond that, you will be getting into the lockout valve assembly on the tank which is another matter.


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          Re: Cavalier Reliability

          It could be the HPR. If it's the HPR then you would notice the popping sound coming from under the rear of the car near the Pressure Relief Device (PRD). By Saturday I should have a how to for doing this for ~$275. I'll try and get to it before then but I don't guarentee anything. Use Harpoon's advice on finding a HPR through your local propane dealer.