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2002 chevy cavalier

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  • 2002 chevy cavalier

    How do you turn off the nat gas tank to work on vehicle

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    Re: 2002 chevy cavalier

    In the trunk, on the far left end (drivers side) of the CNG tank you will see a orange wire with a single connector. Seperate the connector and then start the car paying attention to the gas gauge. It should start to drop quickly and then switch over to gasoline. You should also have a check engine light. You will still have some residual pressure +/- 200 psi in the system which can be bleed off by taking the tube nut loose at the low pressure lockoff valve. After the pressure is released, remove the fitting and make sure the "O" ring is not damaged. When you are finished with your work, put some vasoline back on the "O" ring, reassemble the fitting and tighten--good and snug but don't overtighten. Reconnect the orange wire and start the car. Check for leaks with soapy water at any point where you took CNG fittings apart. The check engine light can be cleared by disconnecting the battery or it will clear itself after 3 ignition cycles.