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Does dedicated use a Compuvalve?

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  • Does dedicated use a Compuvalve?

    I have heard a few stories about this. Does anyone know if factory dedicated vehicles (Crown Vic and F series trucks) also have a compuvalve, or is that only on bi-fuel models?

    I am looking for a CNG vehicle, and have heard the compuvalve likes to go out and is expensive. Anyone know if what I have heard is true that the dedicated do not use this, or do they all have one?

    Any recommendations out there?

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Does dedicated use a Compuvalve?

    Welcome to CNGchat, NGV Newbie!

    Ah, yes, the dreaded Compuvalve...
    You might want to click above on Search, then put in the word compuvalve as there are many threads discussing the little buggers

    I will move this over to the Ford forum where the experts can chime in.


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      Re: Does dedicated use a Compuvalve?

      I couldn't tell you for sure but my understanding is that the dedicated CNG Fords Trucks have a regulator but not a compuvalve since the purpose of the compuvalve is regulate both the flow of gasoline and CNG. Again, just a quess from a non-mechanical simple-minded CNG enthusiast.


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        Re: Does dedicated use a Compuvalve?

        The dedicated Crown Vic's, F150's and Econolines used multipoint fuel injection - no Compuvalve.