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Crown Vic fuel range?

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  • Crown Vic fuel range?

    I just bought a 99 Crown Vic P71 CNG.
    I have been trying to figure out the CNG tank capacity, so I can guestimate the range between fillups? The EPA est is 23-25 MPG (and I know it holds more than 1 GGE ;-) )
    No one including Ford cust svc has a clue. There is nothing in the manual, CNG suplement, Ford website, site, or any posts I found. I even got Ford to pull the original PO & build sheet. Any help?
    I know it has 4 type-2 cylinders, 3000 PSI. The car was built for the State of California.


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    Re: Crown Vic fuel range?

    On my 97 crown vic it has the capacity under the hood where the normal information is. usually right by the latch. but mine has got the extended range package and i get to get about 11-13 gge filled in there depending how cold it is. hope this helps. so on that you could get up to 300 mile but my tanks are type-4 tanks not type 2 tanks so there are differences.


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      Re: Crown Vic fuel range?

      My sticker has a "tank water test volume of 36 liquid gallons"
      What does your extended show?



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        Re: Crown Vic fuel range?

        shows up at 46 US gallons on the sticker so who knows what yours is sorry about that.


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          Re: Crown Vic fuel range?


          I have the same P71 in a 1997 version. I have 4 2.2gge tanks, for a total of 8.8gge. However, I was able to get my fuel filler neck converted so that I can fill up with 3600 PSI. This increases capacity, and thus range. Not by much, but every bit helps.

          Frank Q.