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  • Ford F-150 Dedicated 4x4

    Is there such thing as a CNG dedicated 4x4 Extended Cab F-150? It seems like everything I see for sale is a std cab 2wd. I'm trying to stay away from the bi-fuel due to the compu valve issues and I can't seem to find one with 03+ without the compuvalve. Also what should I look out for on a dedicated cng, what are some common issues that I will need to have checked over on the f-150?


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    Re: Ford F-150 Dedicated 4x4

    It's possible they may exist, but I've never seen a dedicated Ford with an extended cab or 4x4. Every single one I've seen is a standard cab long bed 2wd. The 03+ Fords are starting to be retired by the fleets, so they're showing up a little more often at the auctions now. In the past week we just sold two '03 F-150 4x4s, one with an extended cab.

    Some of the common problems on the F-150 are the regulator slowly leaking (It's on the front of the engine on the left side when you're standing in front of the truck) and the spark plugs being ejected. The spark plug problem is specific to the engine, not necessarily the CNG. The coilpacks have also occasionally caused problems. Do some searching on here and you'll find plenty of information.