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2000 ford 4.6 cng injectors

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  • 2000 ford 4.6 cng injectors

    Does anybody know if the injectors in a dedicated CNG 2000 crown vic 4.6 v-8 work with gas too like other dual fuel injectors?

    anybody interested in a 2000 crown vic P71 and a fuelmaker FM4?
    The romance is begining to fade with this rig. Too bad, it was a fun car that rans like a top but this fill falve and tank valve issue is breaking my will to keep this thing.

    sounds cool to with the dual exhaust and h-pipe....

    oh yea.. the lip balm thing does'nt work...

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    Re: 2000 ford 4.6 cng injectors

    I am interested in both


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      Re: 2000 ford 4.6 cng injectors

      I haven't quite given up yet. just getting a little frustrated about the cost of the parts. seems like everybody is against you trying to break free of gasoline. I'm going to get this thing fixed just waiting to let all my fuel run out to do it is pissing me off....

      the car has 105,000 miles
      the pump has about 200 hrs on it or so...

      I have around $7000 into all this stuff. shoot me a offer I can't refuse...

      Stevie b


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        Re: 2000 ford 4.6 cng injectors

        I would like to see units first.
        shoot me an email [email protected]