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2000 CV check valve and tank valve

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  • 2000 CV check valve and tank valve

    I'm new to the forum. I'm happy to have found a place to get a little advice on running this fuel.
    My 2000 cv is leaking fuel at a slow rate out the fill neck. I'm trying to isolate it to replace the o-ring in the check valve. The cover on this thing is a pain and nearly imposible to get completely off with out pulling the whole tank rack.
    I'm reading that the tank solinoid valves are power on so if my car leaks when it's off does it mean I have both bad check and solinoid valves?

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    Re: 2000 CV check valve and tank valve

    Update:I got the valve out of the car, cleaned , reasembled , and re-installed in the car. I hooked up the fm4 and pumped it up untill it had a few gge in the tank then stoped and checked for leaks. YES LEAK FREE! THE VIC IS BACK ON THE ROAD !