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I need a CNG mechanic Mentor

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  • I need a CNG mechanic Mentor

    I purchased a 2001 F150 7700 series Bi-fuel pickup this summer. I believe it is time to do a tune up on the system but it seems a little complicated. It is becoming increasingly difficult to start the truck on the CNG. I know that if I can watch somebody do the tune up that I could always do it from that point on. It is the teach a man to fish or give a man a fish principle.

    What I am wondering is if there is somebody, which is experienced in tune-ups with this type of truck, that would like to make some money teaching me how to do it. We would have to work out the details of the money but I don't think that would be a problem.

    I live in Lehi, Utah.

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    Re: I need a CNG mechanic Mentor

    If you can spin a wrench you should be okay.

    Factory CNG's are really not that much different from their gasoline cousins. The obvious safety precaution is dealing with the high pressure side of the fuel delivery system, but tuneups are the same. If fact, Ford says that if you are having problem with CNG, you should troubleshoot the gas side first. Replacing COPS and plugs might do the trick, but your truck has that nasty Compuvalve so that might complicate things.

    There is an excellent thread on the dis/reassembly of the Compuvalve for cleaning that you should check out. Additionally, get the factory repair manuals because they cover CNG:

    There might be an EVTM one out there that you might want to keep on the lookout for .. dunno really.

    Hope that helps.

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      Re: I need a CNG mechanic Mentor

      I have had a couple of the 5.3 modular fords, a crown vic and a light duly F250. They seem to eat the coil packs, the ignition system works harder on CNG, or maybe its all 5.3's. Both vehicles were purchased cheap because owners thought there was more in-depth problem, I think a lot of CNG vehicles come to an untimely dismise because tech's belive there is a CNG problem they don't have training on when its really a run of the mill issue. The F250 took one coil pack and the Crown vic 3, but that fixed the power hesitation and extended crank issue. A round on an oscilloscope ought to identify weak coils. There is one coil per cylinder and they are not cheap, the truck is difficult to get to the rear cylinders, as they are under the firewall.


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        Re: I need a CNG mechanic Mentor

        Thanks jblue and CNG oso for your input. I will go that direction and see how it pans out for me.