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  • leak repair or replace

    I have a f150 with a leak at what I think in a transducer mdl p71-100. The leak is at an inlet in this part. The brass fitting and the flare on the tubing look good. I have tightened the fitting as tight as I could with out risking damage to the fitting itself. When I tested it The Leak seems to be coming from arount the flare and tubing and not the threads. Is there some type of o ring that should be in this fitting or is it a mlt to mtl fitting.

    Is this part replaceable? Where can I get a parts manual for my system. and is there any calibration or test my vehicle after replacing or can it just be swapped out.



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    Re: leak repair or replace

    I believe that is your comupvalve. I haven't had that fitting apart, but the flared fittings on the regulator have a flared copper washer/gasket between the fitting and the seat to create the seal. That fitting may have the same one. I could only find it at Ford without ordering a large quantity of them through another source. Be careful over tightening it, you may damage the seat.


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      Re: leak repair or replace

      Did you order these washer/gaskets from a local ford dealer. I am in Iowa and the only one with a Cng vehicle withing 150 miles. Where can I get these washers from?