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Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

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  • Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

    Anyone else put any aftermarket items on their trucks? Just wondering what else is out there. I am thinking about trying to find cruise control for this truck. I recently put on power windows and I should finish wiring my power locks Saturday if I get time. The locks work fine and I got the parking lights flashing when the doors are activated. I am still trying to hunt down the wire for the horn and the wire for the dome light.

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    Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

    I upgraded the Radio to an MP3 CD capable FORD Radio.
    It is easy to install by making a small modification to the internal plastic frame to be able to fit the 'full size' body of many of the Ford radios available.
    As long as the rear connector is the same and the mounting (2 holes of each side) is the same. Here a list of Radios they should fit (with the above mods).

    98-04 EXPLORER
    98-03 F-SERIES
    98-05 RANGER
    99-03 WINDSTAR
    02-05 ESCAPE
    00-03 EXCURSION
    98-02 EXPEDITION
    98-04 CLUB WAGON
    98-04 ECONLINE
    98-04 E-SERIES
    98-02 NAVIGATOR
    98-02 MOUNTAINER
    99-02 COUGAR
    99-02 NISSAN QUEST

    I'm currently on the road, when I'm back I try to take some pictures of the mod. PM me if you'd like to get them.


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      Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

      For a pickup, I personally prefer manual systems for their simplicity. I have updated a bad radio to a mp3 capable digital fm/am/cd player. I would like to upgrade the seats and perhaps add a sunroof (did that on my Mustang, not difficult).


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        Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

        I have 2004 that I put an ipod deck into, an 8" subwoofer and infinity kappa speakers in the doors. I also put air bags on the rear for the extra tank I added and for all the motorbikes I stuff back there and then tow my camper trailer.

        mine already had power seat, windows, locks, keyless entry, cruise and the 4x4 switch on the dash, so I didn't have to get into any of that. It also has captain seats (no bench) and is the extended cab.

        I put a yakima rack on the roof for the mt bikes.

        I found some 7 lug rims that are alloy, but are still not that awesome, but better than stock! I would love to put a lift on it and some big tires, but I probably won't.

        I also put a MAC cold-air intake on and magnaflow exhaust and now it sounds like a truck, though still pretty gutless on CNG.

        I would like to find an electronic tuner that would change the timing to take better advantage of the CNG octane, but I'm out of money to spend right now and don't know if 1-2mpg improvement would justify a $400 computer, but it would be fun!!
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          Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

          Hope I attached the pictures correct. 2001 F150 CNG with lift and aftermarket rims. Had a friend get the same 7 lug from tire internet site. (Rims and tires mounted and balanced ship to his house) Tires are currently 285/75/16 once I have $ will change to 315. Rides rough but it is a work truck after all.
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            Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

            i did an intake modification to my truck. didn't really feel the difference but it was a cheap and easy solution to get a little more air through the intake.


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              Re: Upgrades for 2001 F-150???

              yea, try the gotts intake mod. (removing the snorkel on the airbox and replacing it with a much bigger pipe)