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1997 Crown Vic - Loss power at 30-40mph - 139km

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  • 1997 Crown Vic - Loss power at 30-40mph - 139km

    Hi there - would like to ask the CNG experts out there what primary problems would cause sudden loss of power at 30-40mph in a 97 dedicated CNG CV with 139km. Currently in the shop - but they are unfamiliar with CNG but were willing to help. Do you think it is related to the Hard Start issue - and injector performance (sticky)? The car starts fine and only happens at 30mph to 40mph. Lastly...need references to good CNG mechanics in the SF Bay area please.....Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: 1997 Crown Vic - Loss power at 30-40mph - 139km

    A 1997 with 139km?

    Are you sure there are no issues with rubber sealing elements dry rotted from lack of use and lubrication?

    To suddenly lose power when going at that speed may not be a CNG fueling issue; it may be a control (computer, electrical, crash switch) issue.

    The only way to know is to see if the fuel rail pressure holds when accelerating and cruising.

    If it's a fuel issue, it could be the tank solenoids, a plugged inlet line (at filter, etc), an aged regulator or a whole host of other problems.

    Start with the simple stuff and describe the condition of failure in more detail. Does this happen regardless of how gently or hard you accelerate? Have you verified the real simple stuff first (fuel quality / quantity, 1/4 turn valve open fully, etc).