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    Can anyone suggest a tool box that will fit over the cng tank on a F150? It has to be quite shallow and i have yet to see one. Any other suggestions, as i would like to turn it into usable space.


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    Re: Tool Boxes

    Lots of luck.

    You can do what I did with my propane system on the turck I use to haul my 5th wheel. I got a slide top box and removed about 4 inches from the bottom. My tool box mounts to the bed rails of the truck and clears the top of the LP tank by an inch.

    You could also remove the factory shield, do what I did, and then use some aluminum diamon plate to shield the tank from the bottom of the modified tool box to the floor of the bed. You could also attach the diamond plate to the side of the rear (rear of vehicle) side of the tool box running it from the lid of the tool box down to the floor of the bed. A piece of aluminum angle attached to the bed would secure the bottom of the shield. Depending on the width of the tool box (front to back), you might have to have the diamond plate bent to make the shiel fit the installation.

    Hope this helps



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      Re: Tool Boxes

      i just put one in my f150. i bought a used tool box for like $50 and used that. i cut the bottom out and moved it up to the height of my tank. the sides of the tool box hang over the tank and cover and the bottom of the tool box sits right above the top of my tank cover, like 1/2" space. i reattatched the bottom with rivels and it works great. the harder part was making the bottom smaller so i could raise it up inside the box and reattatch.