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2000 Contour rough running

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  • 2000 Contour rough running

    Hi I just bought a 2000 contour and was wondering about running it on gasoline. It says to run an entire tank every 60 days. If this has not been done will this contribute to the very rough running on gasoline or CNG. It seems to get better after you drive a while. Any thoughts?


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    Re: 2000 Contour rough running

    It can contribute to rough running. The lighter ends of the gasoline will boil off and there will be a separation of the alcohol oxygenate from the "regular stuff" Varnish can also start to build in the tank, lines and injectors (heat from the fuel not circulating through injectors).

    Try some good injector cleaner in the gasoline tank (at about 3 times recommended concentration) and run the tank out. Put some new fuel in the tank with some "Stabil" fuel stablizer (at recommended dosage), the run it once in a while, refill the tank and put in more additive. If that doesn't work then try a professional injector cleaning from a professional shop.

    I would keep the Gasoline tank full to reduce the amount of water that accumlates through condensation. Tank warms up, fuel expands forcing out air and fumes usually through the evap system. Tank cools down air is drawn into the tank along with moisture that will condense in the tank.

    Hopes this helps

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      Re: 2000 Contour rough running

      Well after new plugs, wires, and a new coil (which was burnt) it now fires on all cylinders and runs smooth. I now have a new problem. The fuel guage is not registering anthing when I have it on CNG so after just a couple of miles it switches back over to gasoline. The little green light goes off and my fuel guage goes back up. I'm guessing it is a transducer issue, any advice?