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How full is my tank?

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  • How full is my tank?

    A couple times now, I've driven my 2004 F150 dedicated CNG vehicle until the low fuel light comes on.

    Each time, I've refueled within a couple miles of that event. When I hook up to the pump, it would appear that the remaining pressure in the system approximately 700 psi.

    Anyone know what this equates to in gge? At what pressure is the system essentially "empty"?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How full is my tank?

    Well, I believe the regulator is set to about 90psi, therefore, below that is where the engine will start to lack fuel delivery. This would be considered empty. For all intents and purposes, the capacity has a linear relationeship with the pressure. I don't know just how much CNG your tanks hold, but 700psig is about 1/5th tank.
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