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  • which f150 to buy


    I want to buy a used fleet F150 for a business vehicle.

    I would like dual fuel for the extra range, and it would be great if I could get a CA HOV sticker.

    I found a 98 CNG only one, WITH stickers for about 2k over a dual fuel.

    Are the dual fuel eligible for the HOV sticker? All of them or only certain years?

    Anything I particularly need to beware of when buying one of these trucks?

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    Re: which f150 to buy

    Only dedicated F150s can get stickers. They have to be listed here to get stickers for the first time (so 2001-2004). But, if it already has them, then they're still good (stickers don't expire).
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      Re: which f150 to buy

      What type of business are you planning to use the truck for? The reason I ask is if you are used to a full sized 8 foot pick-up bed, you will only have 5'3in. of bed with a dedicated ford f-150 or f-250 or 6'5in. of bed in a bi-fuel f-150 or 250.The other thing to consider is payload and ride quality. My dedicated 2000 f-150 7700 can handle a lot of weight, but the ride is very bouncy when empty. I found carrying 150 lbs. close to the tailgate helps.If you plan on carrying constant weight you should go with the 7700 series or the 250 as they are better suited than the standard f-150.If you want to use the HOV lane solo, you can only go with a dedicated cng vehicle.Good luck in your purchase. Joe