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Ford BI-Fuel Checklist?

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  • Ford BI-Fuel Checklist?

    Hi folks,

    I've found this site to be extremely helpful and informative.
    I've found a lot of information in peaces here and there that I'm trying to figure out how it fits into my problem.

    Here's my question:

    Does anyone have any sort of step-by-step checklist for a none operational CNG vehicle.
    I'm determined to get my 97 contour Bi-Fuel running on CNG again.


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    Re: Ford BI-Fuel Checklist?

    As with most things related to troubleshooting, it is a process of elimination.

    I would first check and see if there are any OBD codes that could give you a clue as where to start.

    There is a really good thread about the complete disassembly of the Compuvalve for cleaning. Compuvalves either work or they don't and if they don't it can be difficult finding a replacement.

    Hope that helps.

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      Re: Ford BI-Fuel Checklist?

      well one problem that im certain of is the fact that theres no gass getting out of the tank.
      I've tried looking for the allen screw thats used for the manual shutoff with not much luck.
      also been looking for the inertia switch above the pedals.. no luck either...
      my next step is gonna be looking for the compuvale.. havnt been able to find it yet.
      .. hope its not missing compleatly.