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  • Service for F-250

    This is by far one of the best and most interesting sites I've seen. Maybe someone can give me some advice on a problem I have with my 1998 F-250. It's dedicated CNG around 70K miles, it runs very well, gets decent milage (between 15 and 17 freeway speeds).
    Shortly after acquiring it, the check engine light came on, My regular auto mechanic said the code pertained to the CNG. He didn't feel qualified to correct the problem, so I'm looking to have service, which I feel should include injector cleaning, spark plug replacement, and changing of the Coalescent Fuel Filter. I called a couple of nearby dealer ships: One quoted me $1,250, not including the check engine light problem. Another dealership wanted $750 to change the spark plugs, and another $280 to change the Coalescent Filter.
    Is this as complicated and time-consuming as they make it sound? Do these prices sound fair? I am located in Chino Hills, and would be willing to travel 30 miles to have these services done by a qualified CNG mechanic.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Joe.

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    Re: Service for F-250

    I just got an f-150 7700, same as your f-250 from my readings, and I am seeing the trend of over priced service costs and inflated parts prices from the dealers. It's nice that they have trained mechanics to service the vehicles, but come on, the gouging has to end somewhere. 5-6 bucks for an o-ring, please. I plan on getting the shop manuals and having at whatever comes up myself before opening my bank account to the thieving dealers. Educate yourself on the vehicle and the CNG system and use extreme caution with the potential pressures in the system. You'll be surprised at what you can do to save a weeks worth of pay. This site is a growing wealth of knowledge and we can all help each other, so lets keep it going.