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2008 Bi-Fuel CNG Ford Focus SES

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  • 2008 Bi-Fuel CNG Ford Focus SES

    Finally getting around to sharing some photos of my Focus.

    My thought with this car was for it to be everything that you can't get in a Honda GX. The performance is substantially better. It has heated leather seats, Microsoft Sync, hands-free bluetooth and the audiophile stereo. It also has a 5 speed with the sport suspension.

    The Focus conversion is EPA Certified and is available for for 2008 and 2009 models for $10,000.

    Ronnie Oldham
    CleanFuel Conversions
    Austin, Texas

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    Re: 2008 Bi-Fuel CNG Ford Focus SES

    I guess it's time, once again, for my wish for a CARB certified conversion kit. Drives me crazy to be surrounded by CNG stations here in SoCal, and stuck in my 97 Crown Vic, because there really isn't anyhting new/appealing to replace it with.
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