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  • 03 Ford E-250

    I'am just exploreing the possibilities of alternate fuels for my van(2003 E-250 ford 6 cyl).Is it exspensive?fuels availability?legality of home fueling?And why this country hasn't done this 25 years ago?Any input appreciated.

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    Re: 03 Ford E-250

    Ford sold that very van in both a dedicated and by fuel model. If you are interested I would by a used one as opposed to converting the one you have.

    As I remember Boston has a very high moisture content in there gas supply. which would mean if you did home fueling you would have to run a dryer. a compressor like a fuelmaker fm4 would work great.
    Check with they have been at it for several yeas and are great people to deal with.

    We opened our first CNG fueling station in 1991. but we used Natural gas as a motor fuel after the second oil embargo. The thing that has held it back the most are the vehicle manufactures that only wanted to sell to fleets, and then complained about poor sales. The last year that GM sold NGV's the advertising budget for the Humvee was bigger than the entire alt fuels budget. The other problem has been public policy. The incentives have not been there.