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2000 Crown Vic CNG engine swap advice

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  • 2000 Crown Vic CNG engine swap advice

    The engine in my 2000 Crown Vic CNG (compressed natural gas) has blown a head gasket. I'm hoping you folks can help me pick the best donor engine for a swap.

    I'm not interested in spending money to fix this engine. It's got 172k on it and it's had a low oil pressure problem (5 psi at idle) that I confirmed by installing a mechanical pressure gauge. Surprised it made it this far!

    So I think it's new engine time for me. Does everyone agree?

    There seems to be some conflicting information regarding the CNG engines.

    This Autotrader page says, "The Crown Victoria can be ordered with the V-8 retuned and dedicated to operate on compressed natural gas (CNG). The CNG engine has been reworked to increase the compression ratio from 9.1 to 10.1 for the natural gas version."

    I searched around and and found this but this doesn't seem to confirm the information.

    Also, I'm aware of another member who successfully swapped in a '04 Town Car PI engine. But it seems there were issues with the intake manifold lining up.

    I also spoke to the owner of AFV in Huntington Beach and he told me the compression ratio is no different than a normal gas powered CV.

    What engine do you guys suggest?

    I was hoping to make this as straight forward as possible. My best guess right now is something from a 98 Crown Vic, Town Car or Grand Marquis.

    Why do I say this?
    -NPI motor should hopefully be the easiest to fit.
    -98 had apparently no timing chain issues compared to 99 & 2000
    -2001+ is PI and the intakes aren't an exact fit.

    Can someone confirm the above info? I need to get the engine ordered ASAP..

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: 2000 Crown Vic CNG engine swap advice

    Thinking outside of the box, you can find a lot of low mile 01-02 with the 3600 psi fuel systems for$ 4-5 k. Time to say goodbye to the 2000 . By the time you have done an engine swap , you will spend at least half of the cost of a complete low mile car. Just my $ .02 worth of advise.


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      Re: 2000 Crown Vic CNG engine swap advice

      Good news! We were able to use a long block from a '04 motor out of regular gas powered Crown Vic. They swapped over intake manifold, fuel rail, injectors, COPS, etc. from the CNG engine. So far, it's running great!

      Here's the folks that did the work:
      Citizen Automotive
      2129 W Rosecrans Ave
      Gardena, CA 90249
      (310) 768-1574 ask for Gary and tell him Joe with the white CNG Crown Vic engine swap sent you.

      I will report back if there are any issues, but so far so good!