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  • Looking for a good mechanic

    Just bought a 1999 CNG Crown Victoria. What a great car! Does anyone know a good CNG mechanic in Long Beach or Chino area or anywhere in between?

    Thank You

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    Re: Looking for a good mechanic

    What is it that you need? I may be able to help.


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      Re: Looking for a good mechanic

      Well smells like I might have a small leak under the hood


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        Re: Looking for a good mechanic

        Small leak as in CNG leak? or oil, coolant or something else?

        For a CNG leak, have you tried the soapy water method? The CNG is delivered to the engine bay from a hose on the drivers side. From there, it goes into your fuel rail then into the injectors and then into the intake.

        Here are some good mechanics in So Cal:
        Citizen Automotive
        2129 W Rosecrans Ave
        Gardena, CA 90249
        (310) 768-1574 ask for Gary and tell him Joe with the white CNG Crown Vic engine swap sent you.

        Alternate Fuel Technologies
        17092 Gothard St
        Huntington Beach, CA 92647
        (714) 842-3017

        Also you might try Wondries Ford in Alhambra.

        Hope that helps!