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96 crown vic engine feel like its missing

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  • 96 crown vic engine feel like its missing

    Hi i have a 1996 Ford Crown Vic dedicated CNG car, when im driving about 65-75mpg it seems to miss, I have had a local garage plug into my computer and they say they dont see the car missing, everything runs fantastic no check engine light etc.. Could this me the fuel filter on the frame by th rear end, Never have had it changed and its got 62,000 miles on it, how hard is this?? and where do i get a filter to replace it? can i just simply drain the oils or water out of the canister?

    Thanks Ryan

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    Re: 96 crown vic engine feel like its missing

    I also own a 96 CV and just had the filter changed and the lines and injectors flushed. They described the filter as " shriveled up " which I imagine could simply be a response to the years that had passed since installation. The trouble certainly could stem from a full filter I would think and even if it does not you could soon be having even more trouble since there is no easy way to know how much oil has been getting into the system over the years. Someone has put the instructions on the forum here if you want to try it. I may give it a whirl on my 1997 CV but I don't have any specialty equipment to flush lines and injectors. Also, even with the computer diags you received I would recommend changing out the Spark Plug wires if they are original or in any way brittle or hardened as if the have been on there for years.


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      Re: 96 crown vic engine feel like its missing

      Changing the fuel filter is not a difficult task. Just make sure you follow the instructions properly to relieve the pressure from the system. The filter can be found at most ford dealers (though it may have to be ordered if the dealer doesn't supply any local fleets). I can't recall off-hand, but i believe it's actually listed as scheduled maintenance.

      EDIT: Just checked, and the filter is supposed to at least be drained when you do an oil change, and replaced every 25,000 miles.
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