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gas odor in park or idle

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  • gas odor in park or idle

    I just purchased a natural gas vehicle/gasoline f150. I have noticed an odor at low speeds or idle. Is this natural? If not what should I check to determine what the odor is or from.

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    Re: gas odor in park or idle

    So your truck is a dual fuel? What year is it? The smell you are smelling may be leaking cng, likely from a tank valve, pressure regulator, or comp u valve. My father has a dual fuel f150 he bought recently and it has been leaking cng out of it's comp u valve. You should check to see if you can hear a hiss or smell it stronger near some of those areas i mentioned.


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      Re: gas odor in park or idle

      easy way to look for leak is get a squirt bootle of water add a little liquid dish soap and spay a mist on the lines and look for the ((BUBBLES)). my f 150 leaks slowly at the line going into the coompusurve, inside the end of the fitting inbeteewn the line andt the coompu. there is a small cooper bussing that needs to be replaced but i cant find one.

      Good luck
      1999 f 150 bi fuel


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        Re: gas odor in park or idle

        Sno-Motion in Salt Lake sells the copper washers that you need. The washer on the compuvalve is $8.00.

        2001 F-150 5.4L Bi-fuel
        7700 Extended Cab