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F-150 GFI CNG questions/help

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  • F-150 GFI CNG questions/help

    I just bought a 2001 CNG/Gas F-150. The dealership (Honda) didn't even know it was CNG, they sold it listed as a duel tank- It has the "N" on the title in the fuel block. No CNG sticker on the back but you would think they check this kind of stuff.

    The problem... When I switch to alt fuel I get no indication. I did some checking under the hood and found a blown 5A fuse by the battery. I replaced the fuse. When I started the truck the RPM's went up about 200, that remains constant until I remove the fuse or turn the truck off. When I turn it back on the idle is normal, if I remove the fuse and put it back in the idle increases. The fuse isn't blowing, at least not yet.

    I know almost nothing about CNG other than it makes sense. I am mechanically inclined but have never worked on these systems. Some of the questions I have:
    How do I know if my tank is empty, short of finding a purge valve?
    Where can I find wiring/installation documents?
    Does anyone recommend a repair center in San Diego?
    Do I qualify for any of the "tax breaks" being that the vehicle is used?

    Any help and/or starting points are appreciated.

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    Re: F-150 GFI CNG questions/help

    Originally posted by jpenhead View Post
    Any help and/or starting points are appreciated.
    First, you need to see if the OBD computer is generating any codes. Based upon those, you can begin to troubleshooting.

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      Re: F-150 GFI CNG questions/help

      If the title shows an 'N', you have a very good chance in getting the HOV sticker. Once you applied it will take at least 2 months. At least that long I waited when I applied for my Bi-Fueled F150, which also had an 'N' in the MP section.
      Sorry cannot help you with the technical issues.