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2000 CNG Crown Vic fuel leakage trouble

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  • 2000 CNG Crown Vic fuel leakage trouble

    On Monday morning, I fueled-up and went to work. When I parked it for the night on Tuesday, I had a half tank. Wednesday morning it started fine, but the low fuel light was on, and the gauge was on empty.

    I checked the trunk, but found no CNG odor. I opened the fuel door an could smell CNG, the rubber cap was dislodged, and I could hear the fuel escaping. I pressed my thumb over the nozzle, and could feel the pressure building and escaping.

    This morning AAA came to tow me to PG&E. I started the car so I could back it out to line it up with the flatbed. It started like normal, the fuel gauge was back at half full, and I could not smell CNG odor anymore. Once at PG&E, it only took a half tank to fill it up. I soaped down the nozzle and the backside of the filler valve behind the rubber boot, but found no leaks. I soaped down my thumb and covered the nozzle opening and an ever-so-slight bubble slowly formed, about 1/4" diameter. I drove home like nothing happened.

    I'm a bit confused what happened between the leak and fuel gauge.

    On a side note, the local Ford dealer gave me a price of $1,800 for the nozzle and $200 for the install. This seems outrageous for this kind of part. I spoke with Pete Gordon of TechnoCarb, and he thought they might be able to source it for much less. I've noticed the backside of the nozzle where the ball bearings in the filler hose quick connect bear against is starting to deform. The ball bearings, at 3kPSI are forming a ridge and disrupting the material. I sometimes have difficulty connecting one of the two pumps at my local PG&E station. Some day I'll have to replace it.

    Also, I think I'm going to need to find a CNG certified mechanic in my area soon (San Jose, CA). If anyone has a lead let me know!!

    Thanks for your help!!


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    Re: 2000 CNG Crown Vic fuel leakage trouble

    It sounds like you have an intermitent problem with the fueling valve. I experienced something similar in my '97 Crown Vic. Compounding your problem is the proprietary Ford OEM fueling stem, although even $1,800 sounds about $600 too much for that part--I was quoted about $1,200 a few years ago.

    This thread contains contact information for AFT of Huntington Beach CA who solved a similar problem for me:

    They re-plumbed the stem using off-the-shelf parts for about $400 to $500. Replaced the proprietary fill valve with a commodity part costing far less should it ever require replacement. I know that you're aways from So. Cal., but I had to give them another shout for the good job they did for me.

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      Re: 2000 CNG Crown Vic fuel leakage trouble

      I know this is a old post. BUT my 2 cents worth for other that have a / same issue.
      I have a 2000 CNG Crown Vic. I my self would put a few drops of 3 in 1 oil on the valve just before I fuel up and when you connect it go as slow as you can to allow the oil to seep in. 3 drops of oil will not have any native effect on the car BUT will help moist the dry seal. I would call All Ford in Anaheim California for used parts. I did not have much luck with the Fuel presser sensor but they only had 1 and Jeff their has been nothing but help to me.