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  • Camper

    This is kind of a weird question does anyone have experience putting a truck camper on a bi-fuel F150 or know if it's even possible with the the cng tank in the bed?

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    Re: Camper

    A shell would be no problem at all, but I doubt a camper would work unless it were custom built, because the tank takes up the front 2' of the bed all the way across it. You have about 4-5" between the top of the bed and the top of the tank cover (below the rail).

    You should be able to pull a 5th wheel or travel trailer- I pull a Trailmanor 30' travel trailer behind my F150/7700 with no problems at all.


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      Re: Camper

      I have a boat too and was wanting to take both things


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        Re: Camper

        Ahhhh, the hard slap of reality or:
        "You can't have everything.....Where would you put it?"

        I've seen this done once, he put a standard cab on a crew cab chassis. The tank pack went between the cab and the bed with storage above the tanks. It was a slick setup and had full use of the bed.

        Just wondering if the 7700 has the stones to pull it off?
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          Re: Camper

          You just hit the main point Hal.

          People with RV's tend to overload the vehicles. PU campers can be heavy, especially if you go cab-over, and then there is the c--- that people tend to carry. If you are going to go the RV route make sure you weight the vehicle so you know how much you load on the truck.

          My Dad sold RV back in 1963, and I've almost always had one. I started early and have seen some of the scary and some of the neat. Make sure you stay within the vehicles weight limitations -- you'll be glad you did.

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