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Towing on CNG

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  • Towing on CNG

    I was just wondering the differences if any on towing with cng. I have a Ford F150 V8 so I would assume plenty of power, but I have heard that cng has less power. I also would like to know if a receiver hitch for a 1999-2003 F250/F350 would fit my F150 7700 series I found a really good deal on a class five hitch and if it will work I would be more than happy to post the link for the rest of you.

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    Re: Towing on CNG

    You will loose a little power on CNG. However you're well above sea level so you be loosing power because of altitude (about 3% per 1,000 above sea level). Check the owners manual for tow rating of the 7700. As for the class 5 hitch, you could check on line with some of the hitch manufacturer valley tow rite. (if the outside to outside of the frame rails are the same on the 7700 and the F-250, it should fit, but again check with manufacturers.

    My F-250 on Lp does fine with a 10,000 5th wheel.

    Good luck



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      Re: Towing on CNG

      Using cng on an engine designed for gasoline will give you less power, which I think is the case for your Ford and bi-fuel engines. If the engine has the higher compression that CNG can take advantage of (like the Civic GX), then you will get close to the same power.
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        Re: Towing on CNG

        If your F150 is dedicated, then you have a motor with higher compression than what is sold for gasoline..there is also an "improved valvetrain", don't know what that means. CNG has less BTU than gasoline or diesel, but by consuming more CNG the power level will increase to match the liqiud fuel trucks.


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          Re: Towing on CNG

          It mostly depends on whether you want to drive at 80 or 50-60 mph on those steep sectionsl

          With a bi-fuel, you can always run on gasoline when you anticipate difficult mountain passes. You can also push the overdrive button on the gearshift to stay in 4th gear if you need a little more power. Just do NOT lug your engine on either fuel.

          FWIW, The only place I have noticed the need for more power in my 7700 towing a trailer with cng was on the steep scenic pass outside of Cedar City that goes towards Zion/Bryce canyons (narrow and curvy). Ive driven it cross country several times and mostly in the SLC/Parley's canyon area.