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Tank location for crown vic/towncar

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  • Tank location for crown vic/towncar

    Hey folks. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to put a tank in a crown vic trunk. The two options I see are in the pit towards the back of the car, or on that shelf towards the front.

    I ideally would like to put it on the shelf towards the front of the car (where the spare is), and possibly two tanks. Has anyone else done it this way? What size tank(s) did you use? If you have any pictures, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's an image for reference.

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    Re: Tank location for crown vic/towncar

    The oem setup is 4 or 7 tanks. Standard is 4 . two on the shelf , and 2 smaller tanks under the car , above the axle. Steel tanks with fiberglass wrap . Full size spare, located in the well. The oem extended range version ( at least up to model year 2000 ) adds 3 small tanks in the well and uses compact spare tire.

    I have seen many aftermarket extra tank setup , as single 5 gge in the well area.

    Good luck.

    I would strongly recomend looking at an oem cng crown vic for reference.

    If you are doing a conversion , you could prob. find a wrecked cng crown vic police interceptor at an auction house cheap. Swap the whole system , including powertrain of the same year for an approved system.Very big project , lot's of labor.

    You can buy a new epa / carb approve converted cv or tc from BAF technology thru your ford fleet dealer.
    Good luck
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      Re: Tank location for crown vic/towncar

      Check with Adrian on the board he has a set of oem tanks from the trunk of a crown vic.