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Help with F150 7700 series

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  • Help with F150 7700 series

    I just bought this truck about a month ago and so far I love it. I just hope that the compuvalve doesn't go out. Well like many of you know the CNG truck have the 7 lug bolt pattern on the wheels I don't mind the wheels I have, but I found that the truck doesn't have a spare Does anyone know where I might find a cheap one to use as a spare I've checked with a tire place and they say good luck and I just don't want to pay and arm and a leg at ford

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    Re: Help with F150 7700 series

    Here's one on ebay:

    I would also call the local wrecking yards to see if they have one. It would probably be cheaper. If you get a rim, I've got a used tire that would fit it that I would sell cheap. Send me an email if you're interested.


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      Re: Help with F150 7700 series

      A replacement rim is about $100 so I would check with a salvage yard.
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        Re: Help with F150 7700 series

        I had the same problem last year. I found a used wheel at Hubcap Heaven on 3300 south for $70. It wasn't the same color as my other ones, but for a spare I didn't care at the time. I got the chrome one. If anyone wants to trade for grey, let me know.

        I found a used tire on's classifieds.

        I ALSO needed a key to lower the spare's holder cable. Be aware of this. The key attaches to the long rod stored across your radiator under the hood. That rod goes down the tube next to your license plate. Turning it lowers or raises your spare.

        I ordered mine direct from Mcgard, but had to submit photos to them of my mating lock all the way up the lowering tube. They were great to deal with! I remember the key costing about $25.

        I worked with Shirley
        [email protected]

        Larry Miller ford has a set of "master keys" but after 3 messages over a couple of weeks to the guy in charge of these and no calls back, I won't bother with LHM anymore.

        Hope all this helps, Good Luck.


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          Re: Help with F150 7700 series

          South Bountiful Auto in Woods-Cross 1-800-517-2489 shows one on for $50 with a tire.