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  • New injector install

    Is there anything special that I need to know to install new injectors in my E-350 2003 Ford Van?
    I ordered new ones and they should be here in a week.
    Looks like a Gasoline motor setup, but just not sure....

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    Re: New injector install

    A few tips: Blow the dirt off the areas around the injectors with compressed air before you start. Bleed off the fuel pressure at the test port on the fuel rail. Lube the o rings on the new injectors (I use dielectric grease). Make sure all the injector (and coil) connectors are clipped on securely when you are done. If you drop a bolt it will fall through the gap between the intake runners and be lost forever.


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      Re: New injector install

      Thank you.


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        Re: New injector install,

        Thank you for your support on this injector issue, all went well with the replacement. If it was a truck instead of a van, I could have done it in 10 minutes! So easy, except for the fact that the whole engine is under the dash! You really have to grope and grab to get at things....

        So, the next issue is the fact that it runs great at idle and cruise, but going up a hill, it misses and feels like it might stall. What now? Ignition coils? I think the plugs were replaced recently.....
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